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Monday, July 28, 2014

idiotprufs: the Blog That’s Just too Big For One Tagline

idiotprufs: the Blog That’s Just too Big For One Tagline

drunken monkey
An avid reader of idiotrufs, and quite possibly the author.

Are you sick of taglines? Too bad.

I’ve decided to rotate taglines starting with what seemed to be the favorite from the previous list: Read by four out of five drunken monkeys–written by the fifth.

I deeply appreciate the comparison to a drunken monkey.

Some more taglines for your consideration, amusement or scorn.

idiotprufs: the blog that’s had the hiccups since 1987.

idiotprufs: what happens when everything goes horribly wrong.

idiotprufs: the blog that taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk, but had nothing to do with all that other weird stuff.

idiotprufs: the blog that was really freaked out by the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

idiotprufs: whatever stupidity happens to tumble from my brain.

idiotprufs: illegal in 38 states–frowned upon in the rest.

idiotprufs: the blog that doesn’t check to see if the milk has gone bad before it chugs it straight out of the container.
idiotprufs: the blog that vomits far more often than it ought to.

idiotprufs: the real reason the dodo bird is now extinct.

idiotprufs: the blog that would have been burned at the stake in the Middle Ages.

idiotprufs: the blog that is often referred to as the juggernaut of the blogging world by people who are prone to hyperbole, and frequently imaginary.

idiotprufs: the blog that lost its virginity, but then immediately found it again. (It was right where it had left it.)

idiotprufs: the blog that giggles uncontrollably every time it meets someone from Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

idiotprufs: where brain cells go to die.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Words of Inspiration

Words of Inspiration

love hurts

I have never written more beautiful or poignant words. I’m starting to get all misty-eyed.

I think I may have a bright future in inspirational writing.

Special thanks to The Phil Factor, whose post, Top Ten Tuesdays! My Top Ten Blogging Pet Peeves, gave me the nudge I needed to pursue this new path.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mrs. Fearless Leader's Video Recipe: Almost Miss Kay's Melt in Your Mouth Biscuits!

Heather, otherwise known as Mrs. Fearless Leader, has been away from her You Tube cooking channel for several weeks.

But, holy shit did she come back with a vengeance!

This is a must see video: Almost Miss Kay's Melt in Your Mouth Biscuits!

They are incredible!

You can find more of Heather's recipes on her blog, Mishmawsh and Other things. You can also connect with and follow her and other great Foodies on Facebook ---> right here. 

Be sure to leave a comment and let Heather know what you think and she is always open to sharing recipes from and with her followers! Also, be sure to subscribe to Heather's You Tube Channel (MishMawsh and Other things) so you don't miss out on some of the best eats ever!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everything Changes - My Wife's Latest Video on You Tube!

My wife hasn't posted a new video on her cooking channel in a while.

In her new vid she explains why.

Thanks for viewing and be sure to follow Heather's (my wife) blog Mishmawsh and Other things, her Facebook page and of course her You Tube cooking channel, Mishmawshandotherthings . 

Heather's new recipe video will be based upon a recipe from Miss Kay of Duck Dynasty!

Stay tuned!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Taglines and more Taglines

Taglines and more Taglines

Because they haunt your dreams.

“Striving every day to do the least idiotic thing possible, generally failing.”
The above statement has been the tagline of this blog since its inception–sadly, it’s also been the guiding principle of my life–but it feels as if it’s time for a change. (For the tagline, my life’s a irreparable heap.)

So I’ve decided to try out a few alternatives:

idiotprufs: what happens when you don’t listen to that nagging little voice in your head.

idiotprufs: read by four out of five drunken monkeys-written by the fifth.

idiotprufs: the blog that is wanted by the authorities for questioning.

idiotprufs: just do it. (Evidently the people at Nike think they own everything.)

idiotprufs: the blog that got so drunk last night, it can’t remember anything it did.

idiotprufs: the last blog you will ever read…after you’ve stabbed your eyes out with a shrimp fork
idiotprufs: the blog that makes my friends deny they know me.

idiotprufs: the reason most of my family no longer speaks to me. (I wish I had started it sooner.)

idiotprufs: the reason I’ve been burned in effigy by Bolivian pudding makers.

idiotprufs: reading it will make your breath perpetually minty fresh.

idiotprufs: the blog labeled a bitter disappointment by its parents.

idiotprufs: the blog that was a banana slug in a previous life.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Head Wounds, Deer Semen and Fear: A Famliy Reunion

Head Wounds, Deer Semen and Fear: A Famliy Reunion

ugly men, idiotprufs
You’re not related to these men, you should be so lucky.

So you think your family reunions are miserable?

I’m referring to those occasions that include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, creatures who claim to be cousins, but who you could swear are really albino trolls, in-laws, out-laws, felons, significant others, insignificant others, the cast of that creepy movie The Others.

Do you have that one guy who doesn’t seem to belong with any particular family, but always shows up around the holidays. He wears an eye-patch, has a peg leg, and refers to everyone as Matey.

Does the mere act of thinking about your family make you sweat profusely and vomit a little in your mouth?

Does your calendar have the date of your family reunion circled with the word, Armageddon, written across it in blood?

Do you equate spending the day with the extended family with that disturbing dentist/torture scene from Marathon Man?

When you’re with your family, do you wish you could trade places with Dustin Hoffman’s character?
Did you get all the way to the closing credits of The Hills Have Eyes before you realized it wasn’t a home movie?

Do you read Oliver Twist and think: lucky bastard?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't flinch

A few short weeks from now, you’ll be double checking suitcases, book bags, and new student lists as you prepare to leave your home and enter the world of higher education. As I look at the excitement, anticipation and inpatients on your glowing face, my heart swells, more than I thought it ever could, at the amazing person you’ve become.
I know the last thing in the world you want to hear right now is yet more advice from a woman who’s been offering it, wanted and otherwise, your entire life. But there’s something I’ve tried to teach you, maybe more by example than anything else, and I need to say it; to know that you know.
As you move out into the world with your mind hungry to learn new things and find new experiences, know that not all of the lessons are going to be good ones. That’s OK. I believe in my heart that the world is a good and beautiful place, but there are places, situations and sometimes even people that are not.

Try never to become too busy to soak in the beauty around you, to look for it and celebrate it! But when you find people that have had it taken from them, or were never taught to look for it, don’t flinch. Never let yourself become callous or hard. Instead, look for ways to share some part of your joy with them.
When you meet people, make sure you look them in the eye. Remember to never judge someone based on appearances. The true measure of a man (or woman) is taken over time and should be based more on on their deeds than words alone.
Hopefully you’ll always find more kindness and compassion on the ledger than anything else. But if you’re faced with otherwise, don’t flinch. Turning a blind eye to the ugliness in life is how apathy is born.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Firecrackers and Cow Crap

Firecrackers and Cow Crap

image source: wpclipart.com

This is a post from last Fourth of July. This was one of my more popular posts, presumably because it details an act of irrevocable stupidity on my part. Enjoy.

When we were about twelve years old, my friend and I got our hands on a cache of fireworks. We had everything from firecrackers to the really big stuff. Our potential ranged from slight burns, to watching as the fireman hosed down the side of the house.

We gleefully spent our summer blowing things up and creating a general state of mayhem.

At one point we thought that it would be a clever idea to set off a firecracker in my grandfather’s barn, with the noble goal of making the cows crap.

We had a huge string of firecrackers that we took into the barn. We removed one firecracker from the string and set the string on a barrel. We lit the lone firecracker and threw on the floor in the middle of the barn. We were already chuckling and basking in the glow of our brilliance.

The firecracker went off, leapt into the air, did a strange turn in mid-air, as if it were a guided missile, and landed on the barrel next to the string of firecrackers.

We both tried to grab it, but it was too late. That string of firecrackers took off like a bat out of Hell. We chased it from one end of the barn to the other, yelling, banging into each other, and having no success in corralling it. If I’m not mistaken, it was using evasive tactics.

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