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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

F*cktard Wednesdays

Fearless Leader has threatened me at knifepoint very kindly invited me to post on this community blog, so here's my first post. Hope you enjoy it!

I'm forcibly involved in conversations at work that make me question the UK's education system.

So much so, that I'm considering making 'F*cktard Wednesdays' a weekly feature on my blog.

The latest conversation went like this:

Me (in a chirpy happy, spirit not yet suffocated with stupidity voice): Good morning! You’re speaking to Jamie on the helpdesk, what can I do for you?

Sandra: Hello, this is Sandra at the (Workplace for the Mentally Impaired, apparently) Surgery. I’m having trouble accessing my web mail, can you help me?

Me: Certainly. Can you tell me the email address please?

Sandra: Email address? the surgery email address?

Me (still chirpy, but now rolling my eyes): No Sandra, YOUR email address. The one your having trouble getting into.

Sandra: I don’t have an email address. Do you mean my home one?

Read the rest of this ridiculous conversation here.

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