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Saturday, October 4, 2014

What the Hell is Going on?

What the Hell is Going on?

drinking monkey
(image source: washingtontimes.com)

I had yet another brilliant post about search terms planned for this weekend, but then I stumbled upon a news story that I was compelled to address.

Note: I can sense your disappointment. And it’s not the typical disappointment that comes from reading this blog. It’s not the “I’ve just wasted five minutes of my life that I will never get back, and I think I could feel my braincells dying as read that” type of disappointment. It is genuine disappointment; the type of disappointment my blind date felt when she saw me for first time. (The expression on her face really was quite painful.)

Here is an excerpt from an article from The Washington Times.
Right now the National Institutes of Health is spending $3.2 million to get monkeys to drink alcohol excessively to determine what effect it has long term on their body tissue.
What the hell is going on?
I have so many problems with this:

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