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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Foot Hoax Turns Dumbass Into Roadkill!

We have covered some very strange Dumbass Ways to Die here on Dumbass News and we'll do so again today,

But, let us first review some of the stoopid ways that some of our Dearly Departed Dumbasses have left this veil of tears.

One example of a real good way to die (unless you're the dead person) is during sex.

In one story, we found out about a woman who died doing the dirty deed with her husband. No she didn't bite the Big One having the Big O, she bit the bullet. Literally shot to death by her old man during some freaky Dirty Harry Sex Game. I have heard of sex weird ass sex toys, but a .45 ain't one of 'em.

Then there was the case of some Old Guy keeling over during a lap dance at the local Jiggle Joint, or the Titty Bar as some of you prefer.

Those Dead Dumbasses have nothing on the guy we will be highlighting today.

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