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Thursday, April 24, 2014

She Said What? Napoleon's Weenie Found in Penis Museum!

I read the following post at my Aussie BFFFL Steph's blog She Said What?, a few days ago and I felt compelled to share it with you.

It's about a penis. Not an ordinary penis mind you, but one of the Most Famous Penises in All of History! 

As the Proud Owner of a Perfectly Good Although Not World Famous Penis myself, this story, er, uh, um, "struck a nerve".

Here's why:

Editor’s Note: Before you read this be warned….This is a post about penises. Preserved and very, very old, weird and small penises. Not the usual for a lesbian blog. Continue reading at your own risk. It is, however, incredibly interesting and both historically and anthropologically significant. Also there’s an actual penis museum. Not kidding.
Napoleon‘s pecker (member, little john, carpet snake *insert as many euphemisms as you like here*) has been discovered.
Yes, you did read that correctly. Napoleon’s ‘member’ has been preserved in a box for all this time, and it’s in keeping with the general theme of his stature (the poor dude has been dead for AGES and we’re still joking about his height. I actually had a moment of sympathy. Then promptly realised he’s dead. He doesn’t care).
The penis was rumoured to have been cut off during his autopsy in 1821 and given to a priest in Corsica (why the priest wanted Napoleon’s penis is unknown. I’m just going to leave that well alone).
You can read the climax of the The Little General's Little General here...

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