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Friday, May 2, 2014

Lady Bren: T-Shirt Offensive to Anorexics; Are People Really This Cruel?

I am a pretty creative guy.

Sometimes I read something and think "that would have been better if it was written like this."

Having said that, I am also smart enough to know when something is better left alone - untouched and unrevised.

What you are about to read is one of those things that is perfect just the way it is.

Quick back story: about a week ago a good blogger friend of mine asked me to put the Fearless Leader Pile Driver (meaning show this guy for the asshole he is as only I can do) to a taint stain that she and her daughter came across while stopping to grab some lunch at a local eatery.

I cannot improve upon nor shed further light on what a dipshit my friend and her daughter encountered that day.

So, in her own words, here's The World According to Lady Bren

I just have to jump right in here. I don't know why I keep getting amazed about people's cruelty and stupidity.  Tonight we ran into such a person and I couldn't keep quiet.I dropped Meg off to grab a sandwich from Pita Pit, one of her preferred "safe" places to eat.  Upon sitting in the car she burst into tears.  Through sobs she tells me that there was a very large, morbidly obese man wearing a t-shirt that says "I Beat Anorexia".
"Why would he make fun of this?  It makes me feel as if nothing I've done matters."
At first I thought maybe she read it wrong and it was a shirt supporting someone struggling with Anorexia.  I wasn't sure what to do at first then I noticed how much this was effecting her, I felt like I was watching some of her strong walls breaking down onto her. 
With just a moment's thought I parked the car and went into the store.  There was only one family eating so figuring it out who was easy.  I walked past to read the shirt.  Sure enough this man who was spilling out of his chair was wearing what had to be a size 6X if not larger T-Shirt with I BEAT ANOREXIA across the front.
Read the rest here.

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