HJOj_SKjmQIGQwfbde_0DpO42c0 That Drawer in the Kitchen: Dumbass "House For Sale" Signs & Ads!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dumbass "House For Sale" Signs & Ads!

At Fearless Leader/Dumbass News Enterprises Amalgamated, we pride ourselves in being a diversified corporate entity.

I made that diversified corporate entity shit up .

The only "diversity" we care about at Fearless Leader/Dumbass News Enterprises Amalgamated is making fun of Dumbasses of all races, creeds, colors and sexual orientations.

If we haven't written anything that offends you, please let us know and we'll try harder.

More signs & ads at Dumbass News!

Today's target: Realtors

And they felt the need to put this sign up why?


  1. Unless that first house is sold to Casper.

  2. Here in the Granola State, you gotta disclose if someone has ever died in the house, when it's on the market.

    That's Dumbassery, codified.