HJOj_SKjmQIGQwfbde_0DpO42c0 That Drawer in the Kitchen: "Situational Awareness Photos" by s2, Dumbass Emeritus

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Situational Awareness Photos" by s2, Dumbass Emeritus

Stoo, Dumbass Emeritus is a long-time member of the Dumbass Horde

Stoo has also contributed mightily, through observation and content, to the preservation and dissemination of Dumbassery.

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, stoo, Dumbass Emeritus, makes his initial foray into the blogosphere as a Public Provider of Stoopidity with this collection of photos entitled "Situational Awareness".

I know, the urge to relieve oneself can be all consuming, but don't let it lead to actual, you know, consumption.

Yeah, trophies are nice, and all, but....

Okay, narcissism in a Dumbass trait, but what about the person that took this photo? Unless the skinny broad also has a tripod mounted camera on a timer, that is.

Boy, is she gonna be pissed!

She doesn't hear the cat telling her to look out?

Non-lethal, and he IS getting a nap out of the deal. So, silver lining.

Career politicians should know all about Situational Awareness. Happily, David Cameron of the UK, is clue challenged.

Okay, so they're pretty young, and mostly blonde. Still...

They THINK they're having a good day. All that is about to change, though.

Now here, the subject (pronounced Dumbass) seems to be trying for Situational Awareness, so the photographer is some special sort of jerk.

Different guy, same ol' Dumbassery.
Dumbasses, the lot of 'em.

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